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Bintelli Street Legal Carts at 75 North Auto Sales

If you are looking for a street-legal golf cart that can take you anywhere, look no further than Bintelli Street Legal Carts, or LSVs, at 75 North Auto Sales in Flint. These electric golf carts can go beyond the ordinary and offer a smooth, comfortable, and eco-friendly ride. Whether you need a golf cart to get around your large property, golf course, campground, beach, or business warehouse, we have the right Bintelli Street Legal Cart model near Swartz Creek to suit your needs and budget.

Made in America

Bintelli Street Legal Carts are manufactured in Charleston, SC, featuring quality components and craftsmanship. They come with standard features such as aluminum frames, AC motors, LED lights, rear-view mirrors, seat belts, and more. You can even custom order your electric cart by selecting from various colors, wheels, seats, roofs, windshields, and accessories.

New Bintelli Models

Our Durand area dealership is a proud motor scooter and an authorized Bintelli Golf Carts dealer. We have a wide selection of LSVs for sale, including the Bintelli Beyond series. The Beyond series consists of four models: Beyond 4PR, Beyond 4PR Lifted, Beyond 6PR, and Beyond 6PR Lifted. Each model offers more power, range, and comfort than any other electric cart.

Beyond 4PR

The Beyond 4PR is a four-passenger golf cart that can reach up to 25 mph and travel up to 50 miles on your Burton area property on a single charge. The Beyond 4PR model has a spacious interior, comfortable seats, and a rear flip seat that converts into a cargo bed. It also has a digital display, USB ports, cup holders, and a locking glove box.

Beyond 4PR Lifted

The Beyond 4PR Lifted is like the Beyond 4PR with a lifted suspension that gives it more ground clearance, a rugged design, and larger tires and wheels that can easily handle uneven terrain. The Beyond 4PR Lifted is perfect for those who want to explore off-road trails or cruise along the beach.

Beyond 6PR

The Beyond 6PR is a six-passenger golf cart that can accommodate larger groups or families. It has the same features as the Beyond 4PR, with an extended roof, a longer wheelbase, and a rear flip seat that can fold down to create extra space for cargo or passengers.

Beyond 6PR Lifted

The Beyond 6PR Lifted is the ultimate electric cart for those wanting more room and adventure. It has the same features as the Beyond 6PR but with a lifted suspension that gives it more ground clearance and a rugged look. It also has larger tires and wheels that can handle any terrain. The Beyond 6PR Lifted is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature or have fun with friends.

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To get more information about buying a Bintelli Street Legal Cart, browse our available models online visit us at 75 North Auto Sales today. We offer competitive pricing and excellent service. Our sales team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal electric cart.


Q: How fast is a Bintelli electric cart?

A: The Bintelli LSVs can drive on roads in and around Grand Blanc with speed limits of up to 35mph, compared to the Bintelli Beyond PR model, which has a top speed of 20-25 mph.

Q: Should I charge my electric golf cart overnight?

A: Yes. It is best practice to charge the battery overnight after you finish using it for the day. However, make sure you don't leave it plugged for extended periods of multiple days and nights. It is best to unplug the battery in the morning after charging overnight.